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Chicago Luxury Beds
A campaign designed to change the way we think about what we are sleeping on...creating the desire to end the toxic relationship we likely have with our mattress and find a healthy relationship in pure and all-natural sleep with the help of Chicago Luxury Beds.
University Veterinary Hospital
UVH went through a complete brand redesign to show their belief in improving the life of pets and their human families, while demonstrating the innovation they bring to the modern veterinary experience. A photo library was created to showcase the specialness of the area (Shreveport, Louisiana), UVH Vets, and Clients. Also check out: www.uvhvets.com
Lakeside Bank
Lakeside Bank is not your ordinary bank, and these are not your ordinary bankers. Featured is creative communication designed to change the current mindset of impersonal banking and bankers...from simple collateral to consumer print.
Heartfelt Veterinary Hospital
You've never seen vet care like this...or a veterinary practice with this style of branding...exuding its uniqueness to Portland and Dr. Thomas Mackowiak. Branding elements communicate that this vet is a whole new breed!
Nu-World Foods
Nu-World Foods provides provides innovative allergy-friendly food products and ancient grain ingredients. Show here are marketing materials developed for the Food Manufacturing industry.
Entertaining Company
This gallery features work created on spec...a buffet of new campaign ideas representing the uniqueness of the brand, its services, and its focus on different and unique audiences.
Every product and experience should have the look and feel of its brand...packaging is certainly no exception. Shown here are a few examples of various product packaging.
Logos & Brand Elements
A product or service's logo and brand elements set the tone and personality for its DNA. Like all communication, it should connect with its particular audience. This gallery demonstrates a variety of brand personalities...look and feel.
Apparel & Merchandise
This gallery shows visual merchandising examples, all inspired by a strong business or marketing strategy.
Greetings & Invitations
Greetings and invitations should be the ultimate personal branding. This gallery demonstrates just that!
There is no match for the perfect gift...that gift showing you really know a person. The perfect gift is as unique as the recipient.
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